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Through my years in the Nepalese military, I have dedicated my life to the welfare of Nepal’  people. I have served across several conflict zones around the world, with the goal of establishing peace as part of United Nations sanctioned peacekeeping missions. The experience of working with people from different parts of the world has enhanced my ability to communicate effectively, sustain connections, and solve problems.

The complexities associated with the nature of my participation in these global peacekeeping missions have honed my skills as a successful analyst of social processes.

The most common reason for conflict is a nation’s declining economy, resulting in a lack of financial stability for its people. From my experience the best way to ensure peace and stability within a sovereign nation, is to ensure its people have a source of income that gives them pride in the work they do.
 It is through this idea that I began the concept of
Mohini. Its aim is to provide sustainable opportunities at grass root levels to Nepal’s indigenous farmers, without displacing them to larger cities and towns. We aim to sustain the culture and heritage of Nepal’s indigenous people, while shielding them against large mass market industries. Mohini is dedicated to providing opportunities and connecting communities in Nepal.
  At Mohini, we focus on promoting excellence in our product quality, trust with our suppliers and consistent service to our customers. We have imported the finest equipment from Italy and Switzerland to facilitate the processing of raw goods and materials, allowing our skilled crafters to continue employing their traditional methods, while supplying our customers with the finest quality products.

 Mohini provides the correct solutions so farmers can work with pride and dignity in their own villages. Through Mohini, you start your day with a cup of our specialty craft coffee and wear apparels made from timeless cashmere, all the while knowing that you have done your share to help preserve the age-old heritage of the local people of Nepal. Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. 

bigyan dev pandey

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