40 kilometres north of the capital, Kathmandu, Mohini Coffee, organic Arabica coffee at an altitude of 1300-1600 meters above sea level at the foothills of the Ganesh Himal mountain range. Our coffee is naturally cultivated and processed in the Bhirkune village, Nuwakot district – where the ruling Shah dynasty was first established. Rich fertile soil, high elevation and ample rainfall, Bhirkune is one of the premium coffee growing regions of Nepal. Our coffees are naturally cultivated under a canopy of sun-filtered papayas, avocados, hazelnut and macadamia nuts, the fallen leaves of which create a nutritious mulch for our coffee plants, providing a subtle fruit and nutty taste to our coffee. The village is also home to an abundance of cattle, buffalo and other livestock, granting access to a plentiful stock of organic fertilisers. The shade works in tandem with the high altitude to slow the growth of our coffee cherries, in return a more complex and intensely flavoured bean is created.